Apr 1, 2023

5 AI Extensions to Level up your Excel Game

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Are you one of the 800 million Excel users who spends hours staring at the screen, trying to come up with the perfect formula for your data? Fear not, for the future of Excel has arrived, and it's smarter than ever before. Let me introduce you to five AI extensions that will revolutionize the way you use Microsoft Excel.

First up, we have the AI Excel bot. This little bot is a game-changer for anyone who struggles with Excel formulas. With the help of GPT-3 AI technology, the Excel bot can convert text instructions into formulas and vice versa with 97% accuracy. That means you can simply type out what you want Excel to do, and the bot will turn it into the appropriate formula. No more scouring through Google trying to figure out the syntax for that tricky formula you need.

But that's not all. The AI Excel bot supports multiple languages and older versions of Excel, so there's no need to worry about compatibility issues. You can use it as an add-on or on a web dashboard, depending on your preference. The best part? You get five queries for free each month, so you can test it out and see just how much it helps your productivity. And if you need more queries, a monthly subscription will get you access to as many as you need.

Next, we have ExcelGPT. This AI extension takes things a step further by providing real-time suggestions for your Excel formulas. It uses propriotary AI technology to analyze your data and suggest the best formulas to use based on what you're trying to accomplish. You can think of it as having a personal Excel assistant who can guide you through the process of creating formulas.

But it's not just about creating formulas. ExcelGPT also has a feature called "Explainer Mode," which helps you understand the logic behind the suggested formulas. This is particularly helpful for those who are new to Excel and may not understand the mechanics behind the formulas. With the help of ExcelGPT, you'll be able to create more complex formulas with ease and gain a better understanding of how Excel works.

Ajelix uses machine learning to help you automate repetitive tasks in Excel. It can recognize patterns in your data and suggest ways to automate those tasks, saving you time and effort. For example, if you have a monthly sales report that requires the same steps every time, Ajelix can automate those steps so you don't have to do them manually each time.

And then there's excelformulabot, a tool for both Excel and Google Sheets that makes it easy to convert text instructions into formulas and vice versa. With 97% accuracy thanks to GPT-3 AI technology, excelformulabot can save you hours of frustration trying to get your formulas just right. You can use it on a web dashboard or as an add-on, and it even supports multiple languages and older versions of Excel. Plus, with a monthly subscription, you can get unlimited queries so you can use it as much as you need.

Last but not least, we have Excel Copilot. This AI extension takes things a step further by providing more than just formula suggestions. It's like having a personal data analyst at your fingertips. Excel Copilot uses machine learning to analyze your data and provide insights based on what it finds.

For example, let's say you're working on a spreadsheet with sales data. Excel Copilot might suggest ways to improve your sales based on trends in the data. It might suggest ways to optimize your pricing strategy or target a different demographic based on your sales history. This kind of analysis would typically require hours of manual work, but with Excel Copilot, you can get insights in a matter of seconds.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "But what about all the analysts who make a living off of Excel? Won't these AI extensions make their jobs obsolete?" Not necessarily. While these extensions will certainly make it easier for the average user to work with Excel, there will always be a need for skilled analysts who can interpret data and provide valuable insights.

Plus, let's not forget the countless hours of frustration that these AI extensions will save. As any analyst who has spent hours working on a single formula can tell you, anything that makes the job easier is a welcome change.

Why did the Excel analyst go to jail? He tried to use VLOOKUP to escape.

All jokes aside, the future of Excel looks bright with the help of these AI extensions. Whether you're a seasoned analyst or a beginner

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