Sep 19, 2023

Machine Learning Project Ideas for Data Science Resume

If you are an aspiring Data Scientist, working on machine learning projects is the best and most effective way to get a hands-on experience that will help you break into the sought-after field of Machine Learning and Data Science.

In this article, we are going to list down 9 must-have machine learning projects for beginners to make you stand out in the crowd of aspirants. We will also provide you with the links dataset and source code that will assist you in practicing these projects.

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Top 09 Machine Learning Projects for Resume

1. Iris Flowers Classification

Project idea – The iris flowers have different species and you can distinguish them based on the length of petals and sepals. This is a basic project for machine learning beginners to predict the species of a new iris flower.

Dataset : Iris Flowers Classification Dataset

Source Code : Iris Flowers Classification Source Code

2. Music Recommendation System

Project idea – Music recommendation involves predicting which songs or artists a user is likely to enjoy based on their previous listening history.

Dataset : Music Recommendation System Dataset

Source Code : Music Recommendation System Source Code

3. Stock Price Prediction

Project idea – There are many datasets available for the stock market prices. This machine learning beginner’s project aims to predict the future price of the stock market based on the previous year’s data.

Dataset : Stock Price Prediction Dataset

Source Code : Stock Price Prediction Source Code

4. Wine Quality Prediction

Project idea – In this project, you can build an interface to predict the quality of the red wine. It will use the chemical information of the wine and based on the machine learning model, it will give you the result of wine quality.

Dataset : Wine Quality Prediction Dataset

Source Code : Wine Quality Prediction Source Code

5. Customer Segmentation

Project idea – Customer segmentation is a technique in which we divide the customers based on their purchase history, gender, age, interest, etc. It is useful to get this information so that the store can get help in personalize marketing and provide customers with relevant deals. With the help of this project, companies can run user-specific campaigns and provide user-specific offers rather than broadcasting same offer to all the users. 

Dataset : Customer Segmentation Dataset

Source Code : Customer Segmentation Source Code

6. Sentiment Analysis

Project idea – Sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing the emotion of the users. You can categorize their emotions as positive, negative or neutral. It is a great project to understand how to perform sentiment analysis and it is widely being used nowadays.

This is one of the most popular machine learning projects. The reason behind this is every company is trying to understand the sentiment of their customers if customers are happy, they will stay. This project could show a path to reduce customer churn.

Dataset : Sentiment Analysis Dataset

Source Code : Sentiment Analysis Source Code

7. Breast Cancer Prediction

Project idea – This machine learning project uses a dataset that can help determine the likelihood that a breast tumor is malignant or benign. Various factors are taken into consideration, including the lump's thickness, number of bare nuclei, and mitosis. This is also an excellent way for new machine learning professionals to practice R programming.

Dataset : Breast Cancer Prediction Dataset

Source Code : Breast Cancer Prediction Source Code

8. Credit Card Fraud Detection

Project idea – Companies that involve a lot of transactions with the use of cards need to find anomalies in the system. The project aims to build a fraud detection model on credit cards. You need to use the transaction and their labels as fraud or non-fraud to detect if new transactions made by the customer are fraud or not.

Dataset : Credit Card Fraud Detection Dataset

Source Code : Credit Card Fraud Detection Source Code

9. Movie Recommendation System

Project idea – Recommendation systems are everywhere, be it an online purchasing app, movie streaming app or music streaming. They all recommend products based on their targeted customers. A movie recommendation system is an excellent project to enhance your portfolio.

Dataset : Movie Recommendation System Dataset

Source Code : Movie Recommendation System Source Code

When including these projects on your resume, make sure to highlight your specific contributions to the project and the impact your work had on the final product. Additionally, be prepared to discuss your thought process and decision-making throughout the project during job interviews.

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