Aug 22, 2023

9+ Python projects for Data Science Portfolio

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the field of data science due to its simplicity and extensive libraries. If you're looking to enhance your data science skills and gain hands-on experience. In this blog, we are providing both Data set and source code resources so feel free to work on them.

Python Projects with Source Codes

1. Password Generator

A password generator is a simple project that creates strong passwords that are difficult to guess. The program typically generates a random combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. As a beginner, you can add options such as password length and the number of passwords to generate.

Source Code : Password Generator

2. Currency Converter

A currency converter is a useful project that allows users to convert one currency to another based on current exchange rates. This project is particularly useful for those who travel internationally or do business with other countries. To create this project, you will need to find an API that provides currency exchange rates and use it to fetch and display the relevant data.

Source Code : Currency converter

3. Speed Typing Test

A speed typing test is a fun project that can help you improve your typing speed. The program generates a random text and times how fast the user can type it. This project requires basic knowledge of Python input and output functions.

Source Code : Speed Typing Test

4. Expense Tracker

An expense tracker is a useful project that helps users keep track of their spending. The program allows users to input expenses and categorize them. It can also generate reports and graphs to visualize spending patterns. To create this project, you will need to use Python's built-in data structures such as lists and dictionaries.

Source Code : Expense Tracker

5. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a classic game that can be easily implemented in Python. The program allows users to play against the computer and keeps track of the score. This project requires basic knowledge of Python conditional statements and loops.

Source Code : Rock, Paper, Scissors

6. Calculator

A calculator is a basic project that allows users to perform arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This project requires basic knowledge of Python arithmetic operators and input functions.

Source Code : Calculator

7. Countdown Clock

A countdown clock is a simple project that allows users to set a countdown timer for a specified amount of time. This project requires knowledge of Python time functions and GUI programming.

Source Code : Countdown Clock

8. Music Player

A music player is a great project for music lovers. The program allows users to play and manage their music library. This project requires knowledge of Python file handling, audio processing, and GUI programming.

Source Code : Music Player

9. Story Generator

A story generator is a fun project for creative writing enthusiasts. The program generates random story prompts and allows users to write and save their stories. This project requires basic knowledge of Python input and output functions and string manipulation.

Source Code : Story Generator

10. Website Blocker

A website blocker is a useful project for those who want to increase productivity by blocking distracting websites. The program allows users to input a list of websites to block during specific times of the day. This project requires knowledge of Python file handling and time functions.

Source Code : Website Blocker

11. YouTube Video Downloader

A YouTube video downloader is a useful project that allows users to download YouTube videos for offline viewing. The program allows users to input a video URL and download the video in various formats. This project requires knowledge of Python web scraping and file handling.

Source Code : YouTube Video Downloader

12. Reddit Bot

A Reddit bot is a project that automates tasks on the popular social media platform, Reddit. The program can perform tasks such as posting comments, upvoting posts, and sending messages. This project requires knowledge of Python web scraping, API integration, and threading.

Source Code : Reddit Bot

13. Music Recommendation System using Python:

Have you ever wondered What you watch, Listen, or Buy would often lead you to You may want to Listen, Watch, or Buy kind of thing. Well that’s because of recommendation system that companies like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube or Spotify uses it. 

In this project, you'll apply your data science knowledge to create your own music recommendation system. 

Source Code : Music Recommendation System

Python Projects with Datasets & Tutorials

14. Email Spam Filtering Project

Email spam is a common problem for many users. In this project, you'll develop a spam filtering system using Python. This beginner-friendly project introduces you to classifiers such as multinomial Naive-Bayes and support vector machines. 

Tutorial Link : Email Spam Filtering

15. Home Price Predictions using Python

Another great Beginner Python data science project as again there are lot of Housing price datasets available. Since predicting home prices is an essential task in the real estate industry so its wise to utilize your Python skills to create a home price prediction model using available housing price datasets. You can also explore creating price prediction models for used cars, airfare, or other domains. 

Dataset Link : Home Price Predictions

16. Scraping Stock Prices from Yahoo Finance

Web scraping is a valuable skill for data analysis. In this project, you'll learn how to scrape and clean financial data from Yahoo Finance using Python libraries like requests and Beautiful Soup. Follow the instructions provided in this YouTube tutorial to extract stock prices and gain insights from financial data.

Tutorial Link : Scraping Stock Prices from Yahoo Finance

17. Credit Card Approval Prediction

Credit score cards play a crucial role in the financial industry's risk management. In this project, you'll build a machine learning model to predict whether an applicant is a 'good' or 'bad' client based on various factors. Access the dataset required for this project at Kaggle and sharpen your data science skills by predicting credit card approvals.

Dataset Link : Credit Card Approval Prediction

18. Detecting Fake News with Python

With the rise of fake news, companies like Meta and Twitter are leveraging machine learning techniques to combat misinformation. You can join the fight against fake news by creating a model that detects and identifies deceptive news articles. Find an appropriate dataset at Kaggle and follow the tutorial available here to build your own fake news detection system.

Dataset link: Kaggle
Tutorial to follow along: Here.

19. Build a Chat Bot from Scratch

Building a chatbot is an advanced but fascinating project that allows you to create interactive conversational experiences. Although this project requires some additional knowledge, there are numerous tutorials and resources available to guide you. You can start building your own chatbot by following the tutorial and accessing the dataset provided at Dataflair.

Dataset Link : Build Chat Bot


By undertaking these Python projects, you'll gain practical experience in data science and enhance your programming skills. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, these projects provide an excellent opportunity to apply your knowledge and explore various aspects of data analysis and machine learning. Happy coding!

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