Feb 16, 2023

10 Data Analyst Jobs for Freshers.

While a lot of jobs are being lost there are many companies who are starting their hiring starting with

Target - Application Link

Apollo - Application Link

Amdocs - Application Link

Otis - Application Link

Schneider Electric - Application Link

Maruti Suzuki - Application Link

Lead India - Application Link

Zypp Electric - Application Link

Zones India - Application Link

Taurus Contractors - Application Link

These are all #india based roles. If you want UK or US based roles just let me know in comments we will find them too :)

Data Analyst

Target  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India On-site

Full-time · Entry level

Application Link

About The Role
Our Data Analysts are expected to explore data, technologies, and the application of mathematical techniques to enable business insights. Data analysts accomplish this through a wide variety of skills including: data wrangling, reporting, dashboarding, visualization, statistical analysis, modeling, and the presentation of recommendations and insight. Analysts will work within an agile environment, which requires active participation in ceremonies to accomplish the team’s goals. They also develop domain knowledge as they learn about their business area and support applying key data management principles like metadata management, data profiling, and documenting their data lineage.

  • Actively exploring data for specific use cases
  • Creating measurable insights from the data to be shared
  • Developing metrics, reports, and statistics
  • Documenting calculations, code, and adhering to data management principles
  • Validating and testing data assets of others in the form of peer review
  • Exploring statistical analysis that could be applied to the data
  • Performing descriptive statistics including mean, variance, median, correlation
  • Applies insights and testing in partnership with business users
  • Active participant in team meetings
  • Support agile ceremonies

About You

  • Must have 3+ years of college degree
  • 1 to 3 years total work experience
  • Knowledge of data, reporting, and analytics
  • Familiar with various programming languages- SQL, R, Python
  • Stays current with new and evolving technologies via formal training and self-directed education
  • Math and/or Statistics: 1. Mathematical logic (AND, OR, NOT), 2. Descriptive and Inferential Statistics & 3) Calculus (weighted averages, rates of change, single variable)

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