Apr 1, 2023

Podcasts every Data Engineer must know in 2023

Data engineering podcasts are a great way to stay informed about the latest trends, best practices, and real-world use cases in the field. They provide a platform for experts in the industry to share their knowledge and insights and for listeners to learn from their experiences and apply those lessons to their own work. By staying up-to-date with data engineering podcasts, you can stay at the forefront of the field and be better equipped to tackle the challenges of modern data engineering.

7 Podcast Shows for Data Engineer

The best Data Engineering podcasts from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.

1. Data Engineering Podcast

This show goes behind the scenes for the tools, techniques, and difficulties associated with the discipline of data engineering. Databases, workflows, automation, and data manipulation are just some of the topics that you will find here.

Hosted By : Tobias Macey

Duration : 45 min to 1 hrs

Frequency : 2 episodes per week

2. Plumbers of Data Science

Data Engineering is the plumbing of data science. Almost invisible, but super important and a big mess when done wrong. We talk about interesting Data Engineering trends and topics. I also train Data Engineering in my Data Engineering Academy at LearnDataEngineering.com

Owned By : Andreas Kretz

Duration : 30 min to 2 hrs

Frequency : 2 episodes per Year

3. Sources And Destinations

A podcast about data engineering and data science talking about common design patterns and best practices.

Owned By : Sean Anderson

Duration : 28 min to 1 hrs

Frequency : 2 episodes per Quarter

4. Data Platform Podcast

A podcast focusing on Data Platforms and Data Engineering, hosted by Syntio - The Data Engineering Company. The podcast talks about the trends of data engineering as well as also helps you to learn the basic concepts.

Owned By : Syntio

Duration : 30 min to 45 min

Frequency : 1 episodes per Quarter

5. The Data Engineering Show

he Data Engineering Show is a podcast for data engineering and BI practitioners to go beyond theory and learn from the biggest influencers in tech about their practical day-to-day data challenges and solutions in a casual and fun setting.

Owned By : The Firebolt Data Bros

Duration : 30 min to 1 hrs

Frequency : 2 episodes per Quarter

6. #idataengineer

Data engineering confessions with Daniel Molnar aka the Data Janitor: in this interview series we ask data engineers how they ended up choosing this profession and how they see the future for it. Pipeline Academy is the world's first data engineering coding bootcamp. Learn data craftsmanship beyond the AI-hype.

Owned By : Pipeline Data Engineering Academy

Duration : 15 min

Frequency : 2 episodes per Quarter

7. The Engineering Side of Data

The podcast show discusses around data engineering.

Owned By : Bob Haffner

Duration : 30 min or 1 hr

Frequency : 1 episodes per month

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