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Starting 25th July 2020

The "Citizen Data Scientist Project"

Alphaa AI Fellowship
5 weeks Data Leadership Program

Saurabh Moody
Founder Alphaa AI

I will show you how to
Lead with Data in your career, with or without a tech background.

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I have been building data strategy and analytics tools for Fortune 500 enterprises, and I'll share that knowledge with you.

Who is this Fellowship for?

First of all data literacy doesn't mean you need to be a Data Scientists 👩🏻🔬 In fact, it's becoming an assumed skill for any business role. If you are transitioning to analytics role or you organisation is adopting digital transformation, this is the best place to learn best practices and strategy to make your voice count.

Business Professionals

Get understanding of data strategy, interpretation of data and tools you should ask for/invest on. How can you do ad-hoc analytics, and add more skill to your portfolio.


Get your data certification and build projects to secure jobs and internships. See live tool demos, understand industry use cases and make it a killer impression in interviews.


Know latest tools and technology for data analytics. Get insight into real business use cases and help your customer solve them. Learn tool comparison, performance and cost.

Mid-Career Professionals

Best way for non-tech professionals to start their data journey, understand components and pick specialisation to make career. Add Alphaa AI certification to your resume.

Saurabh Moody, Alphaa AI

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What you should look forward to?

Connecting to an exclusive community of Citizen Data Scientists over 8 countries and 42 companies and institutes who hand hold you through your learning. Monitor your learning and personal growth with like minded driven individuals who are passionate about making their position better by improving their interaction with data.

🍯  5-weeks immersive fellowship program, conducted in small fellows batch so it can be engaging for everyone.
🍯 You will acquire an understanding of technology, marketing, design in addition to data science.
🍯 Each week you will have a new challenge at hand and our team will help you navigate as and when required.  
🍯 It's charged at a suppport fee of INR 999 and we do expect you to invest your time and pay it forward by mentoring other fellows.
🍯 Can be seen as challenging by some. 🙂 but hey, that's live.


MS Excel Software Version 2016 and above


50 hrs - 5 Weeks Program


Graded projects to be submitted every week


Data Prep, Ms Excel, Data Visualisation, Alphaa AI, Business Usecase

Our next batch is starting soon, apply here with your video CV and let's roar!

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Btw, this is not our first Learning Program?

🏨 The Shard - London, ENGLAND - 2019

🏛 ISB Mohali, INDIA - 2019

Preksha Kaparwan, Alphaa AI

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Watch our live Free Data Expert sessions here.
Your data crash course in 4 hours

I will show you fastest way to setup and build your first data project. Economical data tools and best practices to wow your interviewer, team or customer. Tips, tricks and industry norms in this data science crash course to kickstart your career .

DATA TRACK 1 : Data Lake, Data Warehouse & Databases

Watch Session Video and Resources

DATA TRACK 2 : Data Visualisation - MS Excel/ Tableau/ Alphaa AI

Watch Session Video and Resources

DATA TRACK 3 : Learn Clean and Create Data with SQL

Watch Session Video and Resources

DATA TRACK 4 : Data Forecasting - AWS Forecast

Watch Session Video and Resources

Saurabh Moody, Alphaa AI

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Our next batch is starting soon, apply here with your video CV and let's roar!

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