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MERN Stack / React JS Developer

Exp: 2-5 years, CS Engineering Graduate
Joining : 1st July 2020
Location : Noida / Dehradun
Preference: Knowledge of Statistics, Maths, Machine Learning, Python

If yes, this is how you apply

Complete following task and then share the results with us in said format on the attached form with your resume. We don't want to engage you unnecessarily if this is not something that you would love to solve. A lot of it will be available online as well, but you'll still have to go through a technical interview so be as transparent as you can, and being creative has extra points.🀩
We know it's unconventional, but so are we. πŸ˜ƒ

Alphaa AI Test Project
1. Create a Chat App using ReactJS, Javascript and NodeJS.
2. Once done, checkin the same to your GitHub account and share the URL in the form.
3. Also, write a small document (readme doc) explaining the design and functionality.
We love Design, try to be creative.

PS: Feel free to use google and available resources, just avoid copying a lot of straight code from the web. In case you have copied it; just mention it in a readme doc.

Apply here after completing the task

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