Ask ad-hoc queries on your data in english

Run dynamic SQL query by asking english questions.
Accurate AI add-on for your static Tableau Dashboards.
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Enable non-tech & non-SQL folks to explore enterprise data

Do you have an ad-hoc data query?

Unblock 1000s o adhoc reporting vs one person maintaing just the catalogues 100s of users

43% of users download data from dashboards to MsExcel to run their own analysis. Is anyone worried about data governance?

You have built anywhere between 400-6000 dashboards to cater each team, that's 70% of the job analytics team is stuck with.

For every 100 users asking for ad-hoc data there is 1 data analyst building those reports.

Super AI enables you to ask Natural Language Questions on Dashboard and Data Warehouse with row-level security - no coding needed

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