Ask ad-hoc queries on your data in english

Run dynamic SQL query by asking english questions.
Accurate AI add-on for your static Tableau Dashboards.
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For every 100 users asking for ad-hoc data there is 1 data analyst building those reports.

Over burdened Analyst trying to prioritise data requests

1-3 weeks delay in reports makes data lose relevancy quick for the business

100s of static dashboards no one knows how to reuse

Super AI enables you to ask Natural Language Questions on Dashboard and Data Warehouse with row-level security - no coding needed

Enable non-tech & non-SQL folks to explore enterprise data

Do you have an ad-hoc data query?

Unblock 1000s o adhoc reporting vs one person maintaing just the catalogues 100s of users

43% of users download data from dashboards to MsExcel to run their own analysis. Is anyone worried about data governance?

You have built anywhere between 400-6000 dashboards to cater each team, that's 70% of the job analytics team is stuck with.

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