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Unbelievable, right? Well, it's true. Just ask a question, AI will do the rest.

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Natural Language Interface

No need to remember function names, syntax differences, and datetime conversion formats. Just talk as you would ask a question naturally. Let it handle joins and groupings seamlessly.

Just how you like it

Seamless SQL Experience

You can anytime switch to SQL view and write yourself. But why to go there when you get smart error alert, result previews, large result tables, multiple view all with Alphaa Natural.

Create beautiful charts :)


Intuitive Query Experience

We don't leave you to fend for yourself we create an efficient query environment with suggestive KPIs, filters and questions.
Works effectively on top of all databases and APIs, blending results from various sources to give you true view of data.

Create your own Library

Wrote awesome query?

Save, share and reuse queries from your analytics catalogue. Our plan is to make it as easy as applying filters on an excel or even better asking a question to a colleague, just on a really really huge amount of data.

Help us build the best no-code SQL editor. Let AI ;)

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