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"Smart Sales Goals" will always be a continuous improvement process for any enterprise. It's just the tip of the iceberg, there are more revelations yet to happen. Discussing here a salesforce tableau dashboard at ground level to discover. 1. Sales Trend 2. Quota Attainability 3. Where we lack? Enabling faster "Information to Decision" through AI Enabled Dashboards.CMO, CXO meaning to discover their own insights please reach out to us through this section below.


Effective sales operations start with impactful insights. Data reveals a lot specifically in dynamic sales and revenue department of any organization, and on these data insights future of your operations depend. Because that's how you would want to plan your goals and your revenues, that you are going to achieve, right? So using this public salesforce tableau sales performance dashboard with Alphaa insights platform I will be trying to answer challenges of setting smart goals for your company.

We can fulfill specific, measurable, attainable, and time-related goals very easily, but when it comes to setting up realistic goals, it takes all those years of expertise to start following your gut or you can take help of data science and start asking questions to your own dashboard, and check in the parameters that help you set realistic goals. So, one I need to know where I am to decide where I might be going.

What is my current sales trend?

So this is salesforce data and as you can see it talks about my trend is not constant so there must be a problem. Also, the bonus tip here says that I should be looking at my software and maintenance data. So let me ask this where I am lacking.

What is my sales quota success rate for software?

So looking at this, it looks like the software is one of the departments we usually do quite well at but for some reason in the past couple of weeks it has been fluctuating.Which is inconsistency which is revealed here? But we can get more specific insights to understand that what we can do to increase that sales number, I need to know where I am lacking.

Which product in software needs attention?

So, we are not creating enough opportunities for the sales goals to be met and for some reason, the goals and the quota mentioned here is 200% of what we did in last Quarter or any Quarter in previous years, Now that's an unrealistic goal example that can not be met. That obviously demotivates the seller, your team which is trying to attain a goal which they can never reach.
Also, there could be a number of factors which might be leading you towards unmet or declining sales quota success. That could be, market dynamics, competitive landscape, or product adoption or something simpler like Seller training, Customer engagement or discouraging sales goals. And, apart from that of course how your sales force is feeling at a particular time or some training is required or help is needed that is also something you need to answer.
So, see how engaging this random dashboard with hypothetical data was. Imagine if you could ask all these questions on your data, we can make that happen for you.

I am Preksha Kaparwan working at, we have created the World’s First AI Voice Analyst for Tableau & PowerBI.

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