Stuck at POC

When' we talk to our prospect the first thing they ask is do you have full-time support, and I am like what for? This is what is considered the industry norm that we have a full-service tool but also we need your IT team and 20 hardware software modifications. No wonder most successful businesses are out of box services. Yeah, you need personalizations but to an extent, user should be able to access the service himself.


Hi, we did something phenomenal over past one month. December is usually slow from the client perspective so we used this time quite thoughtfully into the production cycle. So there is one thing, and you would agree that most of the software tools which are in the market don't usually go into production after the POC. The reason being they are supposed to be self-serviceable but all they need is an an IT team and a support team and a product expert to really take care of the systems so that they can be used by business users.

Majority of these tools are:

1. Hard to implement
2. Need standing IT Team
3. Need a lot of hardware-software adjustments
4. Data access permissions
And that's a legal nightmare, right?

So we thought that maybe that is one thing we should be really focusing on because that is really hampering the adaptability of any technological solution in enterprises that is something we didn't want happening with Alphaa AI so let me show you how in just two minutes you can implement any new tableau or PowerBI dashboard and start asking questions with NLP on that and, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a timer here, let me just fix that so that's the timer. before that, I will just let you know that I am recording the screen and I'm finding a public tableau dashboard and I like this dashboard here.

So alright, I am ready. I am going to put on the timer and it started. I'm going to copy the URL for this public dashboard that I have picked right off of tableau public and now I'm going to go to Alphaa AI and put this here in the workbook.

I'm going to name it logistics marketing... so you can see that dashboard is here already now I'm going to do something very secret I don't want you to see that but yeah, I just need to tell it which are the column that I want it to read and other filters very quickly. Yes, and save so now it says that I can ask over 255 questions off the grid and here we are.

So, I'm gonna ask it because I can see there are a lot of leads here so my first question is:

Q1. What is my average weekly leads?

Wow so so it really works so it says my average weekly lead is 91.
I still have time, it's like 1.38 so I'm going to ask another question.

Q2. What are my leads by Direct Dispatch?

Okay cool there, it's two minutes five second and that is because I took too long to type. I know you have seen the Alexa demos in the past but I would encourage you to go check out our business case study we just published so now what I'm going to do, I'm going to do a live demo with one of you and if you want to participate you can just write yes in the comments and for the serious players we can talk business if you fill up this form.

Thank you!

I am Preksha Kaparwan working at, we have created the World’s First AI Voice Analyst for Tableau & PowerBI.

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